“NO.MERCY” introduces Kwangji, Shownu, Yoosu and Minkyun

1theK continues to reveal the traniees for Mnet‘s new survival show, NO.MERCY as they reveal four more traniees after they following previous introductions for  Seokwon, YoonhoKihyun and Minhyuk. 

On December 7th, the newest traniees that were introduced through a short video were Kwangji and Shownu. As the traniees are seen riding penny boards and playing basketball, rapper Kwangji is the first to introduce himself as he mentions that he is a Gemini and has type B blood. After which, Shownu introduced himself creatively as he said, “I’m Shownu, it means new show.” In addition, he added that he is a vocalist and showed off his charm with aegyo while Kwangji happily said, “Have you ever fallen in love?

Shortly after, the next set of traniees were introduced in an additional video which were two vocalist, Yoosu and Minkyun. The first to be introduced was Yoosu and mentions that he can speak Chinese and demonstrated by saying, “I think that you’re so beautiful.” Following, Minkyun introduced himself by happily saying, “I’m not the youngest of the team, but such a baby.” As the end of the video came to a close, the two vocalist briefly sang.

In addition to introducing Seokwon, Yoonho, Kihyun and Minkyuk, four traniees were revealed on December 5th which introduced Wonho, Hyungwon, #GUN and Jooheon.

NO.MERCY is a collaboration with Starship Entertainment and is schedule to premiere on December 10th on MNet.