“NO.MERCY” takes a trip to the beach in latest “Deokspatch” episode

On the latest episode of 1theK’s series Deokspatch, the NO.MERCY trainees spent their free time at the beach.

In episode 9 of Deokspatch, 1theK asked viewers, “If you can control NO.MERCY trainees, what would you do?” With nothing to do late at night, the boys decided to spend their free time to go on an impromptu trip.

Wanting to get out of the city life, the members of NO.MERCY settled on taking a vacation to the beach where they could pay a visit to the winter beach and watch the sunrise. No matter how cold the weather was outside, the boys were determined to make the most of their day.

While building sandcastles and running through the sand, the members went on one of their first unplanned trips for a time to bond with each other. Making wishes for a successful debut, the NO.MERCY boys screamed into the air and wrote their wishes into the sand.

Take a look at the fun footage below: