“NO.MERCY” trainees celebrates Christmas Eve on the 2nd episode of “Deokspatch”

After showing their hearty appetites in the first episode of 1thK‘s Deokspatch, the traniees of NO.MERCY are back as they celebrate Christmas Eve.

On the second episode of Deokspatch titled, “Trainees 3 Games,” the boys of NO.MERCY challenged each other as they participated in three games. The games featured on the episode were special requests sent in by the fans, where the members played the palm-pushing game, followed by various challenges such as arm wrestling and more.

As the episode was coming to an end, the members showed their holiday spirit by singing, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

Meanwhile, Deokspatch is a short series on 1theK‘s YouTube channel where the trainees of NO.MERCY are filmed behind the scenes, sharing private moments with fans while NO.MERCY is survival program created by Mnet and Starship Entertainment.