No Min Woo posts a heartfelt SNS update following lawsuit with SM Entertainment

No Min Woo reaches out to his fans following news of his legal case against his former management agency, SM Entertainment. 

Two days after reports that No Min Woo filed a legal case against SM Entertainment, the singer and actor updated his personal Instagram account as a mean to interact with his fans.

As the fans go through a difficult time with the recent ordeal, No Min Woo thanked them for their support by posting a video clip of him playing the piano. The update also came with a  caption saying, “After waiting and waiting, the limit has come, thank you for having been with me all this time, I live thanks to my fans.” 

Since his heartfelt apology, the actor and singer has been updating them with his ongoing filming and personal activities.

Meanwhile,  No Min Woo initially filed a case against SM Entertainment for their unfair practice citing his alleged “slave contract” and consistent broadcast as evidence. However, the agency retaliated with the claims and announced that the claims were groundless and a legal action against him is also planned.