Noel shares their favorite songs on 1theK’s “MelOn Playlist”

On January 13th, vocal group Noel revealed shared their favorite songs in a video for 1theK’s MelOn Playlist.

Some of Noel’s favorites included, Shin Hae Chul’s “On the Road,” John Mayer’s “Gravity,” Jo Kyu Chan’s “Unbelievable Story,” Josh Groban’s “The Prayer,” and Yoon Sang’s “One More Step.” The members of Noel explained the emotional connection they have to the songs as well as their favorite highlights of the melodies.

Additionally, the video was filmed in mostly black and white, giving the video the same deep and mellow feeling as the tracks they shared. Despite this, the members are still relaxed and share their natural personalities and good chemistry in this video.

Noel recently came back with their song “Your Voice” on January 7th with featured BESTie’s Haeryung. Part of their album Invisible Things, Noel’s “Your Voice” reached number one on numerous charts just two days after its release.

Check out the segment below