NOM releases image teaser for 3rd single album “Kidding Me”

On January 2nd, the four members of NOM ( No Other Man) just came out with the image teaser for their third single album titled Kidding Me.

Members Yongki, KYohan, and Ain are seen leaning up against a wall with blue lights shining on the members.

The guys of JM Star Entertainment are seen wearing red and black with a variety of prints and leather, showing off their edgy look for their comeback. They stare intently at the camera showing off their charisma which is sure to be seen in the mini-album as well.

The group suffered a brief setback when the former maknae NOM member Hu left the group September 2014 to pursue his studies. In the interim, NOM spent time performing in the Philippines, marking their first performances as a four member group. They reportedly returned to Korea on October 7th.