NU CHEN reveals emotional MV for “Unending Tears”

On January 28th, NU CHEN released the music video for the emotional track, “Unending Tears” where Dancing with the Stars 9’s Kim Seol Jin expressed the lyrics with a memorable choreography. 

The ballad track “Unending Tears” tells the story of the pain of having to say goodbye to a loved one with the lyrics, “Your sweet lips flow down. I try to grasp, but I can’t, so I shut my eyes and let you flow away.”  While NU CHEN expressed his song with his sincere voice, dancer Kim Seol Jin performed a touching choreography which went hand in hand with the story.

Meanwhile, in addition to releasing the music video for “Unending Tears,” NU CHEN also released the instrumental version of the ballad track. Prior to releasing his newest track, the vocalist released his first single titled Escort on September 9th of 2014, also including an instrumental version of the song. 

Take a look at the music video below: