NU’EST Baekho repeatedly fingers Minhyun in the butt

With their new Japanese track “NA.NA.NA.” set to be released soon, male group NU’EST treated fans to a funny video showing the group’s sense of humor and team chemistry. 

In a short video uploaded on the group’s official Japanese Instagram account, group member Baekho can be seen poking fellow member Minhyun in the butt as Minhyun goes up and down doing push-ups. Despite the intrusive fingers touching his rear end every time he rises up, however, Minhyun did not stop his workout, showing both his dedication and his closeness with Baekho.

Baekho, on the other hand, can be heard laughing throughout the short video clip, as he positions his hands together and places them between his group member’s butt cheeks. Fans reacted very positively to the hilarious scenario between the NU’EST members, leaving comments showing their shock and approval regarding the funny scene.

NU’EST, who recently made a Korean comeback with “I’m Bad” is set to release their 2nd Japanese single “NA.NA.NA.” on May 20th.

Check out the hilarious shenanigans between group members Baekho and Minhyun below!


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