NU’EST releases 3rd teaser for upcoming Japanese single “NA.NA.NA.”

On March 16th, NU’EST released their third teaser for their upcoming Japanese single, NA.NA.NA..

In this 17-second teaser, a monochrome, rainy scene in the park unfolds, with only an umbrella standing out due to its contrasting red color. As this scene continues, a strong musical background resounded by stringed instruments and the piano begin to play; curiously, a simple electronic made beat is interwoven in the music, almost mimicking the falling rain drops.

The group has previously released their second teaser for this single, where a similar monochromatic scene plays.

Their 2nd Japanese single, NA.NA.NA., will be released on May 20th. This single will have two songs, their title track “NA.NA.NA. ” and “Hey Love” (Japanese version), and the instrumental versions of those songs. There will three versions of this CD: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and the regular CD. The former two will have DVD scenes of NU’EST during their past summer tour “NU’EST Japan Tour 2014 ~ One LO∧.E ~”

Source: NU’EST Japan