NU’EST releases “I’m Bad” MV for special anniversary single

In a smooth and soothing new single, NU’EST shows their charms in the music video for “I’m Bad” as they celebrate their upcoming 3rd debut anniversary.

After teasing with “Good Bye Bye” in July of 2014, NU’EST returns with a similar feel in their latest music video with “I’m Bad.” As opposed to the melodramatic theme in their last song, “I’m Bad” contains a classier sound.

Once again, the members of NU’EST also express their more masculine appearances with the addition of dark colors in the video. “I’m Bad” consists of a slow motion aspect as it includes a girl dancing carefully while the members also only make small movements.

With their new sound and dark themed set, NU’EST delivers strong emotions that are conveyed in their latest song. Released in celebration of their anniversary on March 14th, NU’EST is quickly nearing the third year of their debut.