NU’EST takes part in “#hashtag” interview segment

After having just released their special single album I’m Bad, the boys of NU’EST paid a visit to 1theK’s #hashtag interview series to talk about their new release and more.

With their soothing new track playing in the background, the members introduced themselves and the video showed the group having fun while taking selcas and designing picture frames on set.

NU’EST started off the interview by telling fans not to worry about Baekho’s recent vocal nodes before launching into more light-hearted topics such as their preferences for girls. In a fan service segment, the members sang, dance, and acted silly according to various fan requests.

With the hashtag #three, the group shared their feelings on having their time as artists since debut. Their special single was released to celebrate their third year anniversary, making the track even more special to the members.

Check out their video here: