[★VIDEO] NU’EST turns into “Healer” in New Year parody

NU’EST releases a unique video of themselves greeting their fans for the Lunar New Year, turning into into characters from the recently-ended hit drama Healer!

Lunar New Year is a widely celebrated festive season in South Korea, just like many other parts of Asia, but it is unique in South Korea as people dress up in their beautiful and sophisticated traditional hanbok clothes. It has also been a custom for K-pop celebrities to dress up prettily and greet their fans through video messages or photos every time this year.

Instead of doing it the mainstream way, NU’EST has released a dramatic film-like video of themselves, making a parody of the recently-ended KBS2 hit drama Healer, starring Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young. In contrast to their charming visuals, the video becomes a hilarious one with Aron‘s English narration and some Cantonese background music.

Filmed on the streets in the neighborhood and possibly their dorm, the members took on unique roles, which Healer fans may be familiar with. JR playing Oneshot Onekill with an unbeatable charisma as he holds a gun while wearing a pair of shades. Minhyun plays Nice Finger, who seemingly works well on the laptop. Aron the Delivery Man smartly camouflages into the environment, while Ren is the Einstein of cooking and Baekho is the strong muscular Tiger.

Check out NU’EST’s special way of greeting fans for the Lunar New Year below!