I.O.I’s Chaeyeon wows fans with her “banana selca” on Instagram

Considered as one of the members with the best visuals within the group, fans are raving about Chaeyeon’s selcas on Instagram. 

On one of the many posts on Instiz, one was dedicated to Chaeyeon’s updates on social media including her selcas that highlighted her superior visuals.

In particular, a series of photos uploaded on May 9th, caught attention with her posts posing with a banana. Fans who have seen the update immediately commented on her beautiful updates, praising her for her youthful and charming beauty.

Check out the rest of her updates below!

A post shared by 정채연 (@j_chaeyeoni) on

A post shared by 정채연 (@j_chaeyeoni) on

Source: Instiz