Oh My Girl becomes messengers of love in “Cupid” MV teaser

On April 14th, WM Entertainment’s upcoming rookie girl group Oh My Girl released a music video teaser for their debut track, “Cupid.”

Following the release of various image teasers as the eight fresh-faced members were revealed, B1A4’s sister group delighted fans with the release of this music video teaser for “Cupid.”

The members Mimi, Jiho, ARin, Seunghee, JinE, Binnie, YooA, and Hyojung are dressed in pastel colored outfits. Complete with feathery wings and bows and arrows, the girls take on a Cupid concept as implied by their track’s title.

Perched atop an equally colorful building, the girls aim their arrows and show their sweet smiles to the camera. In the latter half of the music video, they are seen on the street standing in a pink shower of heart-shaped confetti. The song’s addicting ad lib already has fans wanting more as commenters express their excitement for the girls’ debut.

Oh My Girl will be dropping their first mini-album on April 20th so stay tuned for more sneak peeks!

Take a look at their teaser here: