Oh My Girl member almost faints during performance

Oh My Girl may be in need of a break soon as another member was spotted nearly fainting mid-performance.

During an event held at the Incheon International Airport on May 2nd titled K-Attraction, the WM Entertainment girl group performed three tracks back to back starting off with “Liar Liar.”

After speaking to their audience briefly, they began their next stage with their currently promoting track “One Step Two Steps” and their debut song “Cupid.”

During their performance “One Step Two Steps,” member Binnie can be seen struggling to continue (3:20) but forces herself to continue with a smile on her face despite stumbling.

According to some fans, Binnie may be battling a cold, something that may be spreading among the girls as Yooa was reported to not be feeling well at a fan sign event a few days ago. Member Seunghee had also taken a week off promotions after being sent to the hospital a few weeks ago.

We hope they get well soon!

Source: Pann