If one can change their aura, which of these celebrities would you pick?

Female celebrities and idol group members are always known for the different images they portray for every promotion. But if one could pick, what aura would you choose? 

In a post published on Instiz, a netizen posed a question asking, “If you can change your aura, which of these would you choose?” The post highlighted two important looks and auras that have put a number of celebrities to the fame they receive today.

TWICE’s Nayeon, Sulli and Suzy are described as the main examples of celebrities that give off a warm beauty because of their lovely and feminine aura.


Image: TVReport
Image: TVReport

Image: Suzy's Instagram
Image: Suzy’s Instagram

Meanwhile, the second group consist of a more mysterious set that set of a cold and arrogant appeal. It featured celebrities such as f(x)’s Krystal, I.O.I’s Chaeyeon and more.



Which aura do you prefer?

Source: Instiz