One Way member and Duble Sidekick producer Chance unmasked on “King of Masked Singers”

Chancellor, previously known as Chance under the group One Way, surprised viewers by appearing on King of Masked Singers.

On this week’s episode of King of Masked Singer, Chancellor, previously known as Chance of group One Way, surprised viewers and celebrities of the show with his appearance as he unmasked himself to reveal his identity. He appeared as masked as ‘Golden Axe, Silver Axe’ from the Korean traditional story Honest Woodman.

Chanecellor showed off his beautiful voice that best fits the R&B and soul genre through his performance of Brown Eyed Soul‘s “Already One Year” and Solid‘s “Holding Onto The End of Tonight.” He has been working as a producer for Duble Sidekick Entertainment and has produced various hit songs including A Pink‘s “Mr. Chu,” SISTAR‘s “Loving You,” “Give It To Me,” and “Shake It,” Girls’ Day‘s “Something,” and many other hit songs.

He revealed during his exit interview, “I made my debut as a member of group One Way. I was really happy that I could be on stage again.”

He also confessed, “After being active as an artist, I decided to create a team to work as a producer. After becoming a notorious producer in the producer industry, I gained many responsibilities. But there was always a part of me that missed singing.”

Chancellor then revealed that he still haven’t given up on his dream of being an artist and will be trying to improve himself in order to reappear to his fans.

He will be continuing as a solo artist with the name “Chancellor” and is reported to be preparing for his album.

Source: TV Report