OneVoices reveals individual MV teasers for “Flush”

On April 6th, upcoming duo OneVoices revealed short individual music video teasers for the two members J.Han and E.Stun.

While the two have already dropped various image teasers through their debut announcement, they further showcase their hip hop style with these video teasers.

In J.Han’s short 11-second teaser, viewers can see his confident and cool attitude as he poses naturally in the music video setting. Meanwhile, E.Stun gives off a more fun vibe as he sits perched on a car’s roof and covers his face with his hands while gesturing at the camera.

The short music viewers can hear in the background give a snippet of OneVoices’ smooth vocals, leaving them excited for the duo’s official debut.

Both videos end with the date April 16th, the expected release of their debut single Flush. Until then, the duo is expected to continue hinting toward their debut with various video teasers in the remaining days.

Check out their teasers here: