OneVoices unveils 3rd “Flush” MV teaser

On April 10th, upcoming hip hop duo OneVoices revealed yet another music video teaser for their debut track titled “Flush.”

While the boys already released a slew of image teasers and individual music video teasers, this official music video teaser showcases both members J.Han and E.Stun together.

The boys are shown striding confidently toward the camera in slow motion as the scenes cut through various solo shots and close ups. After showcasing the street style that the two will be making their debut with, they then walk away into the sunset with their backs to the camera.

Again, the same lines of vocals and melody play at the end of the music video teaser, hinting that “Flush” will be an upbeat track with a retro hip hop beat. The track is expected to drop on April 16th.

Check out their teaser here: