Outsider collaborates with Lee Eun Mi for “Pride and Prejudice” album

Outsider will be collaborating with different artists for his upcoming 4th album, including veteran singer Lee Eun Mi for the track “By Wind

Stills pictures show them together, practicing the song, and getting ready for a special performance for the song “By Wind.”

On his official Facebook Page, he uploaded 4 pictures Lee Eun Mi and himself in the studio. His status read: “Take 1. Side by side with Lee Eun Mi. We are getting ready for a special performance for the song ‘By Wind.’ ‘Do we match with one another? Tomorrow, March 12th, will mark the release of my long-awaited 4th studio album ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Also, my special performance with Lee Eun Mi is not far away. D-1. Today I won’t be able to sleep very well.”

Outsider’s anticipated 4th album Pride and Prejudice will be released on March 12th.

이은미 선배님과 나란히 마이크를 잡고 첫 호흡.함께 '바람곁에' 스페셜 무대를 준비하고 있어요.'선배님과 저, 제법 잘 어울리나요?' 3월 12일, 내일 정오에 발매될 4년 4개월 만의 4집 앨범 [오만과 …

Posted by 아웃사이더 on Tuesday, March 10, 2015