Outsider releases “Tattoo” video teaser ft. Navi

On February 2nd, Outsider revealed a haunting music video for his upcoming collaboration with Navi titled “Tattoo.”

The speedy rapper has previously teased at this collaboration first with mysterious video clips and more recently by announcing his duet with Navi.

The video teaser features a dark mood with an emotional instrumental focusing on a repetitive piano and soft backbeat. A woman’s grand tattoo is shown in the music video, fitting the title of the track perfectly. Her tattoo sits at the base of her bare back, showing a beautiful butterfly with its wings spread open.

As the camera shows the woman’s blurry face, Navi’s powerful and moving vocals cut in, coming in with the force of the strings in the song.

“Tattoo” will be released on February 5th.

Check out the video teaser here: