Outsider x Twista feature in rap battle of the century for “STAR WARZ”

Outsider, a rapper in Korea known for his speed rapping abilities, released his new song “STAR WARZ,” at 12PM KST on January 8th, and features Twista, the American rapper renowned for his speed rapping as well.

Reportedly, this collaboration song will be the rap battle of the century as it features Outsider and Twista rapping back and forth continuously in a battle format. It also features Kuan, a vocalist with a clear and high voice. The vocalist is the King of Beat Box on “2TAK” as well as beat maker at “Eachone.”

The music video of “STAR WARZ” is set to feature Choi Duho and Frederick Sloan MMA fighters going at each other, which is also edited in a way to overlap the battle of Twista and Outsider.

ASSA Communications asked fans to, “Keep an eye on the battle of speed raps to see who will come out on top. We ask that you send applause to the battle of the iconic figures of speed rap, Outsider and Twista in ‘STAR WARZ’ and please keep an eye out for Outsider’s new album.”

Source: Hankyung