[★VIDEO] Park Min Kyu crowned #1 on “Hidden Singer” finale

On December 6th, JTBC‘s Hidden Singer broadcasted the “Overall King of Kings” finale episode to select the best vocal doppelgänger among the top three contestants of the last three seasons. That night, the crown went back to Park Min Kyu, who also won last week’s competition on Hidden Singer 3‘s “King of Kings” episode.

As the 10 best out of 34 vocal doppelgängers of three seasons performed, it was a tight competition with more than 810,000 votes tallying during the live show. However, the flawless vocal doppelgänger of Fly To The Sky‘s Hwan Hee, contestant Park Min Kyu, and also winner of Hidden Singer 3‘s “King of Kings,” has won the viewers’ hearts once again and placed 1st on Hidden Singer 1,2,3‘s King of the Kings live episode. 2nd came Lim Chang Jung‘s vocal doppelgänger-turned-singer Jo Hyun Min and 3rd place was awarded to Lee Seung Hwan‘s vocal doppelgänger Kim Young Gwan.

In addition to the contestants, singers including COOL‘s Lee Jae Hoon, Lee Soo Young, Fly to the Sky’s Hwan Hee, and Jo Sung Mo were present to cheer their vocal doppelgängers. During the show, the 34 members all came together to perform to legendary song “Becoming One.”

Park Min Kyu expressed, “I never expected this result. Because all the contestants were so great, I thought ranking and winning won’t matter too much… but I am thankful that many have voted for me.” As the night’s winner, Park Min Kyu has been awarded with approximately $26,000 USD and a car worth $40,000.

Meanwhile, Hidden Singer has garnered huge success and popularity in Korea since the beginning of Hidden Singer 1, on March of 2013. Since then, the program has advanced up until the most recent Hidden Singer 3. Many vocal doppelgängers have garnered attention and even debuted as singers, including, The Hidden, Jo Hyun Min, and Shannon.

Don’t forget to take a look at Park Min Kyu’s vocal doppelgänger performance to Fly to the Sky’s “Missing You” below.

Source: My Daily