Park Soo Jin covers “Memories of a Shot” by Lee Jang Hee

On February 2nd, Park Soo Jin covered Lee Jang Hee’s “Memories of a Shot” as the latest installment of the Covered by Brave series.

Her simple cover shows her bare faced while recording in the studio. She is dressed comfortably in a loose hooded sweatshirt as she puts her own twist on the classic track.

The groovy guitar accompaniment matched with her clear and expressive vocals gives “Memories of a Shot” a modern and refreshing feeling. However, listeners of the original can still hear the familiar melody and fun tone. While Lee Jang Hee’s track has a retro and western vibe, Park Soo Jin’s carries a gypsy and slightly melancholy air.

Although her face is mostly hidden by the microphone set up, occasional glances to the camera electrify viewers during the short but complete cover.

Other performances in this series include Hyeran’s sexy dance cover to “Fallin’.”

Check out her vocal rendition here: