People Believe That This Genre of Music Is Losing Its Popularity

A genre that was once huge is now facing a decline in Korea.

Despite how many artists there are under this genre and shows based on finding new artists, people believe that the rap genre’s popularity is starting to decline.

Although rappers continue to release tracks, they aren’t charting high on the digital charts. The general public is leaning towards songs by idol groups and ballads.

Nowadays, I feel like emotional songs are gaining popularity.

– Netizen

Netizens also say that rap nowadays only consist of women, body, money, and sex. If their song doesn’t have that, then it’s about showing themselves off or dissing others. Many people have started to become bored with that. Rappers who the public still like include HAON and BeWhy (pictured below), who write lyrics that are relatable and sincere.

Many are saying that hip-hop was a huge hit in Korea after the release of Show Me The Money 3, but is now facing a decline.

Here’s what people have to say:

  • “It’s because Korean hip-hop is cringy.”
  • “I’ve never like this genre.”
  • “Agree… they are all rapping about how they are doing well and how they have it the hardest while cursing at everyoneㅋㅋ… But I find HAON’s lyrics pretty refreshing!”
  • “People who like hip-hop will be sad to see this.”
  • “Nowadays, all hip-hop songs sound the same.”


Source: Instiz