People Believe This Is The Reason Why TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s Dancing Is Flawless

She may be tiny, but this part of her definitely isn’t.

TWICE‘s rapper Chaeyoung is tiny, standing at only 159cm. Despite this, fans noticed that her arms are long and slender, and are now saying that it helps make her dance line look flawless.

Many are saying that despite how small stature, she has good body ratios and that she is absolutely gorgeous.

She has a small head and has long limbs that put her into an advantage even with her height. ONCEs and netizens alike are saying that this helps her dance have its own unique style.

People are even falling for her shoulder line! Some have even said that she has the best shoulder in TWICE, saying that it is proportional to the rest of her body.

Her ratio is good and she is gorgeous!

– Korean Netizen


Source: The Qoo