People Believed This Male Idol Was A Woman Due To How Beautiful He Looked In A Dress

He’s gorgeous.

Recently, netizens recovered photos and GIFs of NCT‘s Jungwoo dressed up as Rose from Titanic for SM Entertainment‘s Halloween party in 2018. People were shocked over how gorgeous he looked and people even thought he was a rookie actress from SM Entertainment!

Some even wondered if it was a foreign female trainee! People were shocked to find it was NCT’s Jungwoo!

I thought they were a foreign woman. I thought to myself, “She really has the looks that SM Ent. likes!”

– Korean Netizen

When people saw photos of Jungwoo with Jaehyun (who dressed up as Jack from Titanic), they were shocked! Jungwoo really looked like a girl, and people were surprised that they were so close in the pictures. They let out a sigh of relief when they realized they actually were close because they are members of the same group!

When they saw how he looked like without the wig and feminine make-up, netizens were shocked over how beautiful he looked normally. People were saying he looks gorgeous even when not dressed up as a woman, citing that he had a pure aura around him.

His name is Pure. Kim Pure.

– Korean Netizen


Source: Instiz