People Are Calling TWICE’s Dahyun “Elsa” After How Amazing She Looked In The MGMAs

The cold never bothered her anyway.

During the M2 X Genie Music Awards (MGMAs), TWICE‘s Dahyun took everyone’s breath away when she sported blonde hair and a baby blue blouse. Wearing such cool colors, people started calling Dahyun “Elsa”!

With milky white skin, a high nose bridge, and a gorgeous face, Dahyun is definitely as pretty as the Disney princess (maybe even prettier!)

Dahyun has always been beautiful, but many agree that every time they look at her, she only gets prettier. Fans are loving the blue on Dahyun, saying that she looks like a fairy and it makes her skin shine.

She was wearing a blue outfit and her skin was shining. She was like a real ice fairy.

– Korean Netizen

Without a doubt, Dahyun was absolutely breathless during TWICE’s performance of “FANCY” and “Dance The Night Away”, and ONCEs are hoping that their stylists dresses Dahyun in more blue.

Embrace your inner Elsa, Dahyun!


Source: TheQoo