People Are Freaking Out Over How Long BTS Jungkook’s Legs Are

Crazy legs.

When BTS arrived at Gimpo Airport, people couldn’t believe how amazingly long Jungkook‘s legs are.

People have commented that Jungkook isn’t even wearing high-waisted pants, but his jeans rise to his hips because of how long his legs are. Some have questioned if his legs are truly worldly because there’s no way legs like that are from this earth.

When Jungkook sits, it only further enhances how lengthy his legs are because of how long his calves are! Some have tried to reason that maybe he’s wearing insoles, but fans have debunked that saying that even if Jungkook is wearing sandals or slides, his legs are still long.

BTS’s maknae has been blessed with fantastic legs and perfect proportions. Who else is doing it like Jungkook?

Source: Pann