People Are Going Crazy Over BTS’s Jimin Dancing To “Dimple”

They are falling for him!

In BTS‘s 5th Muster “Magic Shop”, the boys finally released the choreography for their song “Dimple.” The dance is amazing and seductive, and member Jimin is getting a lot of praise for his dance skills.


The muster featured a 360 stage, which means the boys would turn so that the fans could see the choreography from all angles. Fans and netizens alike praise Jimin for having command of such a huge stage.


Many also freaked out over how sexy Jimin is when dancing and how he uses his waist when dancing. Fans are going crazy over his body rolls.


People who were unable to watch the muster live have said that they can’t stop watching the fancams! Here it is:

Source: The Qoo