People Are In Love With IU’s Beautiful And Neat Airport Fashion

“Isn’t she a goddess?”

The Nation’s Little Sister IU has netizens in awe with her beautiful and neat fashion sense. Even in a simple blouse and shorts, IU is able to take people’s breath away.

And even in big sweaters, IU is able to look classy and fashionable! Many are saying that her airport is neat and her make-up looks luxurious despite the simplicity.

IU isn’t always in simple clothing, however. Sometimes, she steps out in classy dresses that perfectly accentuate her slim figure and her long, thin legs. Many are saying that her outfits suit her image.

IU isn’t flashy when she’s at the airport, but her aura makes her shine. Netizens have stated that despite her simple style, there’s no way she’s only human. Isn’t she a goddess?

Source: The Qoo