Performances for the January 4th episode of SBS Inkigayo

The 797th episode of SBS Inkigayo aired on January 4th, marking the first episode of the 2015 year for the music show, and featured hot comebacks and anticipated debuts, amongst others.

Comeback specials included N.CA and rookie girl group 4TEN with their tracks “Coming Soon” and “Why” respectively. SONAMOO made their hot debut with their ballad track “Everlasting Love,” showcasing their live vocals, while showing off their strong choreography with “Deja Vu.”

Apink performed a special acoustic version of “LUV” for their goodbye stage, for which they won a triple crown last weekend on Inkigayo. 

The TOP3 artists for the award included EXO, EXID, and GD x Taeyang, with GD x Taeyang’s “Good Boy” taking its first second win on the show!

# Comeback Special #
N.CA [Coming Soon]

4TEN [Why]

# Hot Debut #
SONAMOO [Everlasting Love + Deja Vu]

# Hot Music #
Apink [LUV – Acoustic Version]

Ailee [Don’t Touch Me]

Tae Jin Ah [Sarang Taryeong]

BTOB [The Winter’s Tale]

Hong Jin Young [Cheer Up]

EXID [Up & Down]

Hello Venus [Wiggle Wiggle]

Lovelyz [Candy Jelly Love]

Ulala Session [Best Girl]

Wassup [Shut Up U]

HIGH4 [Day by Day]

Cho Jung Min [Dummy Bear]