Performances for the MBC Music Core episode of June 27th ft. SISTAR, MAMAMOO, and more!

On June 27th, MBC Music Core was filled with hot comebacks and stages from groups and soloists that have set the tone for an exciting summer!

Performances include SISTAR, TEEN TOP, Chaeyeon, BTS, AOA, Sleepy, MAMAMOO, Baek A Yeon, SPEED, Melody Day, CLC, Jo Jung Min, HIGH4, So Yumi, and Sweet Revenge.

EXO took home their 11th win on the show as well, however, the group was not in attendance and did not perform a stage.

Check out the performances below!

SISTAR – “Shake It,” “Don’t Be Such a Baby”

TEEN TOP – “Ah-ah,” “5 Seasons”

BTS – “Dope”

AOA – “Heart Attack,” “Chocolate”

Baek A Yeon – “Shouldn’t Have”

MAMAMOO – “Um Oh Ah Yeh”


SLEEPY and Min Jae – “Cool Night”

Chaeyeon – “Obvious”

SPEED – “What U”

MelodyDay – “Love Me”

Boys’ Republic – “Hello”

CLC – “Like”

Jo Jung Min – “Sway”

HIGH4 – “Baby Boy”

So Yumi – “Shake Me Up”

Sweet Revenge – “Fly High”