Performances for the November 11th episode SBS MTV The Show

For the November 11th episode of SBS MTV The Show, Hello Venus held their comeback performance for their recently released title track “Sticky Sticky,” taking the stage with their new lineup.Other performances for the night include 2AM, A.CIAN, B.I.G, JL, UNIQ, Gavy NJ, Strawberry Milk, LABOUM, MADTOWN, BOYFRIEND, VIXX, Song Jieun, Zhoumi, Topp Dogg, Purfles, and Hotshot.

In exciting news, BOYFRIEND took their first music show trophy win since their debut on tonight’s episode for their title track “Witch.”

Check out the performance below!


2AM – Over the Destiny

Hello Venus – Sticky Sticky

A.CIAN – Ouch

Gavy NJ – I Wish

ToppDogg – Annie

HotShot – Take a Shot

VIXX – Error

Zhoumi – Rewind

Song Jieun – 25

Strawberry Milk – OK

B.I.G – Ready

JL – Teardrop

UNIQ – Falling in Love

LABOUM – What To Do


Purfles – 1.2.3