Performances for November 17th episode of SBS MTV’s “The Show”

For the November 17th episode of SBS MTV‘s The Show, Lovelyz made their debut with their track “Candy Jelly Love,” and also sung their beautiful ballad song, “Goodbye Like Yesterday.”

MAMAMOO, in addition, had their first comeback stage with “Piano Man,” revealing the song to fans before its release on November 21st.

Other performers included Zhoumi, ALi, Hello Venus, Yoon Hyun Sang, Almeng, Boys Republic, Topp Dogg, LABOUM, The Boss, HALO, Natthew, HOTSHOT, and B.I.G.

The winner tonight was Zhoumi with “Rewind,” taking his first solo win!

Next week, T-ARA will be holding their comeback stage, a collaboration remake of the hit Chinese track by the Chopstick Brothers.

Zhoumi – Rewind

LABOUM – What About You

Lovelyz – Goodnight Like Yesterday & Candy Jelly Love

MAMAMOO – Piano Man

Hello Venus – Sticky Sticky

Almeng – Half an Hour

The Boss – ‘Rilla Go!

Natthew – Love Will be Ok ft. Son Ho Young

Yoon Hyun Sang – Always Be With You

Topp Dogg – Annie

B.I.G – Are You Ready?