Performances for the November 8th episode of MBC Music Core

On the November 8th episode of MBC Music Coreviewers were able to catch the comeback performance of CROSS GENE with their title track “I’m Not A Boy, Not Yet A Man,” as well as various exciting performances.

Other artists who were present for the night’s show included BEAST2AM, VIXXSong JieunBTSYoon Hyun SangTopp DoggHong Jin YoungStrawberry MilkThe BossLABOUMA.CIANDelightHOTSHOTUNIQHi.NiLegend, and HooniYongi.

The TOP3 songs for the night included Epik High‘s “Happen Ending,” Gaeko‘s “No Make Up,” and BEAST’s “12:30.” For the second consecutive week, BEAST rises to the top with “12:30” for the win.

Meanwhile, fans can look forward to the debut of Woollim Entertainment‘s new girl group, Lovelyz, and Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun solo debut. In addition, comeback performances include those of AOA and Boys Republic.

BEAST – 12:30

2AM – Over the Destiny

VIXX – Error

Song Jieun – 25

BTS – War of Hormone

Yoon Hyun Sang – When Would It Be

Topp Dogg – Annie

Cross Gene – I’m Not A Boy, Not Yet A Man

Hong Jin Young – Cheer Up

Strawberry Milk – OK

The Boss – ‘Rilla Go!

LABOUM – What About You

A.CIAN – Ouch

Delight – Hate You!

HOTSHOT – Take A Shot

UNIQ – Falling In Love

Legend – Lost