Persimmons: the new low calorie diet food?

An article posted in a Korean online community titled “Persimmons’ Calorie” has recently been been drawing attention from many readers.

Once autumn rolls around, it is common to see these golden-orange colored fruits eaten fresh, dried, or cooked in seasonal Korean cuisine. Persimmons have always been a staple in many Korean households, but the fruit is soon to receive much more love and attention this year.

The article “Persimmons’ Calorie” has stated that there are 44 kilocalories per 100 grams of the fruit, introducing a new low calorie diet that revolves around the sweet snack. Due to the low calorie count, the article reported that this fruit is effective for visible results when going on the “persimmon diet.” Not only are persimmons low in calories, they are also packed with vitamin C to prevent illnesses and are even said to have anti-cancer effects.

Netizens were amazed and commented, “Why do persimmons have such few calories?“, “Persimmons will be good for an effective diet,” “I have to remember to eat persimmons when I am on a diet,” and “I never knew persimmons had such few calories.”

Source: TV Report, Cikipedia