PHANTOM releases comical video teaser for upcoming single, “Now That I See”

PHANTOM, a hip-hop trio consisting of Kiggen, Sanchez and Hanhae, will be releasing a new single in a few days titled “Now That I See.” Ahead of its release, PHANTOM shares their humor with fans with a comical and entertaining teaser.

The video has gone viral in Korea, the group becoming a hot topic with their “Not So Cool Boyfriends” video. PHANTOM expressing their views of an individual when they have broken up with their significant other. An official from BrandNew Music said, “Since their debut days, PHANTOM has been loved by fans, and so they created a UCC video from their own unique ideas, planning and producing the concept of the video teaser. Please look forward to PHANTOM’s song, ‘Now That I See’ which will be unveiled on November 11th.” Check out their hilarious video below! Source: 10Asia