Photo of Lay looking at Tao’s image in studio goes viral

In a recent SNS update, it was seen that EXO‘s Lay was looking at a screen with Tao‘s face on it in a recording studio. This image of Lay has been going viral among fans.

The executive of a Chinese TV station uploaded an image on his Weibo of Lay visiting the studio where Tao had been doing a broadcast. In the update, there was an image of Lay looking at a computer monitor with Tao’s face on it.

In the description it reads, “Zhang Yixing came to Star Space for the live broadcast today. It is airing now. Have you seen it?”. There has not been any clear explanation of why Lay was there except for this image that has been uploaded.

Meanwhile, Tao has shocked many people with the news of his upcoming solo debut in China on July 23rd.

Source: Weibo