Pianist Bae Jin Ryul releases MV for “A Walk in November”

After a five-year hiatus, pianist Bae Jin Ryul from JR Groove returns with a melodic instrumental track perfect for the fall season!

According to 1theK, Bae Jin Ryul is coming back with a second album fully composed by himself, containing up to 10 different piano tracks for instrumental fans to enjoy. This is his second big comeback, after working with small mini or single albums throughout the five year time span. Nonetheless, his music style remains intact, as his piano music is still directed towards the “New Age,” or the future. Instead of relying on past events or modern taste, his music is more involved with imagination and visions of the upcoming years.

“A Walk to November” brings listeners to peace from the very beginning, as a calming but sweet tune makes its way through the ears. The accompanying music video shows Bae Jin Ryul walking, moving freely around a field of wheat while the sunlight is dim, providing a reminiscent and warm setting.

Watch the music video below, and let yourself relax from any and all tension!