Picture of Kim Yoojung and SISTAR goes viral in Korea

On a recent episode of Inkigayo, viewers of the music show took a special interest at MC Kim Yoo Jung’s choice of dress.

Wearing semi-thick and round glasses with her hair pulled up into a bun, Kim Yoo Jung looked adorably cute in her dark stripped suit and shorts and plaid tie.

In a Nate Pann thread whose title read “Is that Kim Yoo Jung??” the original poster simply posted a cap of the three MCs side interview with SISTAR, who was ready to take the stage with their comeback track, and additionally wrote, “Look at her next to SISTAR.”


Netizens commented:

[+115, -5] Fried chicken, Spicy chicken, Soy sauce chicken, Old radish pickle

[+108, -3] Wow, look at how burnt Hyorin is…

[+62, -2] ㅇㅇKim Yoo Jung is still for me, but look how dark Hyorin is ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+43, -4] Pictures of Kim Yoo Jung that day…..♥

Kim Yoo Jung

[+22, -1] I’ll use them for contouring ♥


[+1, 0] This was good during “Loving You”~~


Source: Pann