Planet Shiver releases inspirational MV for “Rainbow” ft. Crush

Planet Shiver releases the music video for their latest song “Rainbow” while leaving an important message for their listeners.

Electronic duo Planet Shiver dropped their newest music video for “Rainbow” featuring Crush on March 10th. While artistic and soothing to the ears, “Rainbow” also leaves a heartfelt message within the song.

The lyrics to “Rainbow” talk about the lives of people who are seen as different from everyone else and are singled out. Planet Shiver says that those people look gloomy and gray and just need a little rainbow in their lives.

The music video displays many types of people that are discriminated in society whether it’s because of their sexual preferences, race or disabilities. Touching on the deepest truths of society, Planet Shiver hopes to shine a new light on others so that they may be open to people that are perceived as “different.”

Check out their music video: