Plastic releases new MV for her single “Upstairs Girl, Downstairs Boy”

Singer Plastic comes back with a cute new music video for her single, “Upstairs Girl, Downstairs Boy” featuring Sean Lee.

On February 26th Plastic teamed up with Sean Lee, and came back with a new single titled “Upstairs Girl, Downstairs Boy.” The music video tells a story of a boy and a girl, and just like the title of her song it shows a girl who resides on the upstairs part of the building that she lives in, and a boy who lives downstairs from her.

Throughout the music video, the story is told in the style of a webtoon. It starts off with a boy seen playing his instruments at night, which awakens the girl above him. Angrily awakened, she goes downstairs to confront her neighbor about the noise. When she finally sees the boy she falls for his good looks. Later on in the story she finds out he has moved, but is delighted when she finds a concert ticket he left behind giving them another chance to meet.

Check out the cute music video below!