Play the Siren embraces the springtime in “Green Light” MV teasers

On April 20th, Play the Siren announced their second single with the release of two music video teasers for their upcoming track “Green Light.”

The music video teasers feature members Kasper and Siren as they frolic in a park. Although some fans were left confused as to why only these two were shown, a photo later revealed that the upcoming track will be a collaboration between Kasper and Siren featuring Jeon Gun Hwa.

“Green Light” seems to be a playful and cheerful track, consisting of a light beat and bright music video to go along with it. The first music video teaser is a longer clip to set the mood of the song while the second video teaser is a shorter clip that includes a portion of the vocal chorus.

The single Green Light is expected to be released on April 28th.

Take a look here:

Source: Sports Donga