Popular rapper shocks after revealing his identity as ‘Ginseng’ on “King of Masked Singer”

The identity of the masked contestant “Ginseng” has been revealed on the latest episode of King of Masked Singer, bringing both the panelist and audience into a complete state of shock.

Aired on June 28th, masked singer “Ginseng” went up against “Leave Work On Time” in a duet and sang the song “Don’t Forget” originally sung by Lee Moon Sae and Lee So Ra – which has been a popular cover by other artists as well.

Unfortunately, “Ginseng’s” identity was revealed at the end of the show due to being eliminated – as the identities are not revealed until their elimination.

Known to be a rapper, Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko shocks the entire audience, as well as all of the panelists present, when he revealed his identity and were brought to their feet in surprise!

Kim Gura was heard saying, “What is this…” in embarrassment as his guess of who “Ginseng” was completely off and Seo In Young the loudest, exclaiming, “Aaaaah!! Oh my god!!”