Popular YouTube stars react to Korean mukbang

With the sensation of mukbang spreading across South Korea, popular YouTube channel TheFineBros created a video showcasing the eating broadcast to other popular YouTube stars. 

Featuring popular internet stars from both the United States and from Japan, the video started off with a girl and her broadcast. Although the initial reactions of the viewers ranged from interest to disgust, none of them had previous knowledge of what mukbang is.

After showing the YouTube stars several mukbang videos, TheFineBros showed them a video which revealed the shocking statistics about the phenomenon. Upon hearing that some mukbang streamers earn over $9,000 a month from broadcasting their meals to fans, the YouTubers were genuinely surprised and joked about starting to join the trend themselves.

Comparing mukbang to video game streaming, YouTube stars such as Philip from Wong Fu Productions gave their opinions on the sensation, and even participated by eating some food on screen for fans.

Make sure to check out the YouTubers’ hilarious reactions to mukbang below: