Postmen’s Shin Ji Hoo covers Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars”

On February 12th, Ubuntu Entertainment released a video of Shin Ji Hoo of Postmen singing a cover of Adam Levine‘s “Lost Star.”

In the video clip, Sung Tae and Shin Ji Hoo are seen wearing sunglasses in a small room, while attending an online chat room. As Shin Ji Hoon is able to show his incredible singing voice and the high octaves his voice can produce, the chat room is exploding with messages from fans. The song consists of low notes and high notes; although it is only Shin Ji Hoo singing the song, Sung Tae seems to be focused on the monitor while falling in love with Shin Ji Hoo’s voice.

Meanwhile, Postmen has recently released a music video on February 3rd, “Missing You,” for one of the popular dramas on MBC, Shine or Go Crazy. The song has soft set tone that is used to express the emotions through their voices.

Make sure you check out Shin Ji Hoo’s cover of Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars” below!