Potential Leaked Setlist for the 2019 Golden Disc Awards Shows What Songs TWICE Will Perform

TWICE has a surprise in store for ONCEs!

Twitter user @Misayeon strikes gold again!

The same user who tweeted about YouTube potentially leaking an upcoming TWICE 2nd Japanese compilation album somehow got their hands on a piece of TWICE goodness sure to please ONCEs!

Misayeon tweeted a screenshot of what is rumored to be the leaked setlist for the 1st day of performances (on January 5 KST) for the 2019 annual Golden Disc Awards.

What’s interesting about this supposedly leaked setlist is that it includes “The Best Thing I Ever Did” in TWICE’s list of songs scheduled to be performed.

As ONCEs know, TWICE’s “The Best Thing I Ever Did” was the title track on their recently released special album The Year of “Yes” – but was not intended to be promoted.

If this rumored setlist is true, then the Golden Disc Awards will be the group’s debut stage for performing the song.

Are you excited to see “The Best Thing I Ever Did” performed live for the first time, ONCEs?

Source: @Misayeon