Produce X 101’s Park Yuri Under Fire For Pre-Debut Video That Shows Him Talking About His Sexual Life

People find it disgusting that he spoke about it.

On October 13, 2018, Park Yuri appeared in a YouTube video featuring other ESteem Entertainment models playing Sonbyunho, the Korean version of “Never Have I Ever” in which one player states something and the other participants fold their fingers if it applies to them, including the one who said it. Though the video has now been deleted, netizens were quick to screenshot clips of the video.

In the video, he and other models can be seen drinking as they play.

When it reaches his turn, Park Yuri asks if anyone has tried “SM” or not.

The other players appear hesitant to fold their fingers and admit that they’ve done it. One of the people in the video says,

SM… I’m from SM Entertainment.

He tries to make the context about their company since ESteem is a modeling agency under SM Entertainment. Park Yuri immediately shuts him down and says,


Many netizens find this disgusting, saying that he didn’t have to share such information and that the question itself was unnecessary. He has previously been in a controversy concerning his past actions.

Source: The Qoo