Promotional video for 9MUSES’ new member Sojin released

Star Empire Entertainment has released a promotional video for 9MUSES’ newest member Sojin, who gives a short dance to Beyonce’s “Ego.”

Released on January 15th, Sojin stands before a theater platform with a featured sign reading, “Now showing. Drama. Nine Muses release a new song Drama. Tonight at 7pm. Fri. Sat,” and begins giving a short and sexy dance to Beyonce’s “Ego.”

Sojin was previously introduced to K-pop fans, making her debut last year as part of the unit project group NASTY NASTY with 9MUSES’ Kyungri and ZE:A’s Kevin. She will be making her official debut as a 9MUSES member with “Drama,” set to be released on January 23rd.